Were You Right

I to like Rachael said that the answer was the red square in the weekly quiz, I knew there was going to be a catch but I still got sucked in, maybe it was because I was tired and not thinking or I didn’t analyse the question as well as I should have. Way that I interpreted the question on which of the three is the larger should of immediately triggered a memory in my brain large, larger, largest and like many of the student we will be teaching I immediately jumped to a conclusion, although I was devising that it could be the green one mainly because it just looked bigger.

The challenge is to consider all the words that are important in what we are being ask and are we as educators providing students with the skills to make the right assumptions or are we making the questions just that little bit tricky just to catch them out.  I vividly remember my daughter coming home from school in first year and saying she got something wrong on her homework because she had coloured the leaf red and the apple green, but for her at that time it was correct the leaves in autumn are red and the apple I bought were green.  Message let the child think laterally not always literally.


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